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蜘蛛の巣の構造 V

The David Icke Videocast: Where Wisdom Begins - We Know Nothing
デーヴィッド・アイクのビデオキャスト: 英知が始まる処 - 私達は何も知らない



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- サントス・ボナチ


Edward Heath fixed it for Jimmy Savile to receive OBE and attended Paedophile Information Exchange meetings
エドワード・ヒースは、ジミー・サヴィルが OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire/大英帝国士官勲章)を受け取るために工作し、そして小児性的虐待の情報交換のミーティングに出席した(デイリー・ミラー/英国の一般大衆紙

1 Edward

WOW! Former Prime Minister Ted Heath "ALLEGEDLY ACCUSED" Of Child Abuse FINALLY!

‘Sir Edward Heath abused my 14yo friend,’ Jimmy Savile’s nephew alleges




The David Icke Videocast: Child Abuse And The Elephant In The Living Room
デーヴィッド・アイクのビデオキャスト: 小児性的虐待と居間の中の象

Hello and welcome to this video cast for the subscribers to the David Icke.com.
こんにちは、そしてデーヴィッド・アイク.com の加入者達のための今回のビデオ・キャストにようこそ。

Well, it's been another week in Britain, when the Westminster VIP, paedophile scandal has come to the fore. We've had the government documents, revealing that there were great concerns about well-known political figures in the 1980's during Margaret Thatcher administration, but nothing was done.

We had the confirmation that the Thatcher cabinet secretary, Lord Armstrong was warned about a particular MP with regard to paedophilia, by MI5. But, nothing was done.

We had Australian television documentary, exposing more about the Westminster paedophile elite. And, we've had a victim who has named people with regard to a cover-up of Kincora Boy's home abuse scandal, in Belfast.

Kincora was where the boys there, were horrifically abused, from the 1950's to the 1980's, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. And, 3 of the people that are named, are Lord Mountbatten, a massive royal insider, of course, and mentor to prince Philippe and prince Charles.

Anthony Blunt, a Russian spy, who was another major royal insider, very close friend and associate of the queen mother, and surveyor of queen's pictures. And also, in the list, is sir Morris Oldfield, former head of MI6.

And, they're named in this context in the cover-up of Kincora. And yet, it is no accident, that Mountbatten, Blunt, and Oldfield are all named as paedophiles in my books.

And, also this week, we've had the exposure of a major child trafficking ring, being run in the United States, by Child Protection. And it might be worth considering, what you would like to control, if you want an unceasing supply of children for your paedophile ring.

What would you want to control? You'd want to control those who controls children. And that's why, there are so many paedophile scandals, involving Child Care Centres, run by government.

And, why there're so many scandals involving Child Protection, Social Services. And it might be worth asking too, in regard, and in light of what is coming to attention now.

Why it is that staggering numbers of children are being taken world wide from loving parents. And, taken into care by Child Protection for the most spurious, luducrous excuses, and reasons.

What we are looking at here, and I've been investigating and exposing this, since way back in 1990's, we are looking at a global web. And, it's a part of much bigger web, with ambitions to centrally control human race, and we are moving that way all the time. But, that's another topic for another day.

But, there's a web too, globally, of paedophiles. Elite paedophiles, as they like to think of themselves. And also, Satanists. And at the inner core level, the web of paedphilia, and the web of Satanism come together as one.

And, all over the world, it's going on. In the United States where the Bush family, father George Bush is a notorious paedophile, for anyone who wants to investigate.

And, in this country, while all this information has been coming to public attention, and we've had the Jimmy Savile scandal, this BBC entertainer and disc jockey who has been exposed as RECORD-BREAKING paedophile.
そして、この国(英国)において、これ等の情報の全てが一般大衆の注目へと訪れる間、私達はジミー・サヴィルのスキャンダルを有し、この BBC の芸能人で DJ は、新記録的な小児性的虐待者であったと暴露されました。

While all of this has going on, there's been an elephant in the living room, that is not being questioned. And it's not been highlighted anything like as much as it should be.

And that, is the British royal family. I would, strongly, suggest that it's no accident, that Lord Mountbatten was a paedophile, and involved, therefore, in the cover-up, of Kincora.

Nor an accident that, according to Jimmy Savile himself, it was Lord Mountbatten who introduced him to the inner circle of the royal family, in the 1960's.

And throughout the period, from then, till up to close to when he died, in 2011, Jimmy Savile was an inner circle bosom-buddy of the British royal family, and close friend, not only of Mountbatten and Philippe, but also of prince Charles.

So, let's start to ask the first question. Why would a disc jockey, and the later years, an aging disc jockey, be the bosom-buddy of the British royal family? Why?
ですから最初の問いを尋ねてみましょう。何故、DJ が、そして後に、年老いた DJ が、英国の王族と大の仲良しなのでしょう?何で、でしょう?

Why would the queen mother, indeed the queen, be such a close friend of Anthony Blunt, a Russian spy, and notorious paedophile? And, one other thing, that, has not come out about Jimmy Savile, which is extremely fandamentally relevant to all this what's going on, is that he wasn't just a paedophile.

He was a procurer of children for the rich and famous. And that's why, he was able to be protected from all investigation, and prosecution, for decade, after decade, after decade.

Because this web looks after its own. And the web, the paedophlie web goes into royalty, it goes into politics big time, it goes into judiciary, goes into the media, goes into all these things.

And, therefore, we must ask this question too. Not only was he an insider, of the British royal family, Jimmy Savile... to the extent that he was used as a mediator between Diana and Charles when their marriage was breaking dawn. WHAT?!

He was also a close friend of Margaret Thatcher. The Prime Minister of Britain, through all this period... of clearly colossal paedophile activity, within her government.

And all this is just coincidence? These are expressions of the web, and how it works. And if people think what's come out already is amazing, well, strap bloody in, because it's hardly started yet.

Jimmy Savile was actually asked why he was so close to the royal family. And one of the thing he said, one of the reasons he gave, is that he works deep-cover. And so he did.

It was Savile who was providing children for the rings, including Prime Minister, Ted Heath, the predecessor as leader of the Conservative Party to Margaret Thatcher, the man I exposed in the Biggest Secret a long time ago, back in late 1980's.

And the same person, one of them, one of the sources that told me about the British royal family, and their involvement in Satanism was the same person who told me about Jimmy Savile connection to the royals, and his love of paedophilia and necrophilia. Sex with dead bodies.

This is why he used to volunteer to be a porter in the hospitals, because he had access then, to the mortuary. And, there are many sources that have given me, chapter and verse, about true nature of the British royal family.

And if it all came out was taken seriously, there will be a revolution in the morning.
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